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    Thanks to Bobby (@BL1292), we’ve got 14 live show candids of Solomon from the June 20th live NXT show in Cocoa, FL. Head over to the gallery now and check out the HQ show candids.

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    Thanks to Sunset Flip Photography, we’ve got 12 live show candids of Solomon from the June 20th live NXT show in Lakeland Armory. Head over to the gallery now and check out the HQ show candids.

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    Solomon Crowe was spotted playing DJ at Adam Rose’s party on NXT this week. He wasn’t, however, part of the Exotic Express that led Rose to the ring.

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    WWE is currently taping several more episodes of NXT from Full Sail University. We are still waiting on confirmation of which dates these will air and more details. Click read more for spoilers as Solomon makes his NXT TV debut on an upcoming episode.

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    There was a segment where Solomon Crowe attacked Knuckles Madsen

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    Sami Callihan vs. Brian XL

    As XL came out, a little kid slipped through the guardrail and hugged XL. Callihan took the mic and said that if the kid did that to him, he’d have kicked him in the face. He said XL is a “flippy guy” and that when he was done with XL, his kid was going to watch his dad be carried out. He took the House of Glory flag, which XL carries to the ring, and slammed it down. XL wasn’t happy with that.

    The crowd chanted “Brooklyn” to get behind XL. Callihan did some comedy where he tried to get on the ropes to yell at the crowd but “slipped” and was so angry about it, he kicked the buckles and “hurt himself.”

    They locked up and Callihan was backed into the corner. The referee broke them up. XL offered his hand. Callihan shoved him by the face. Callihan backed him in the corner and ripped at XL. He then offered his hand but XL took it, whipped Callihan to the ropes and dropkicked him.

    Callihan quickly cut him off and nailed a Facewash into the corner. He went for another but XL dove at him with a kick, taking him out. Callihan was sent to the outside and XL went for a dive. Callihan leapt up on the apron and said, “No dives!” XL dropkicked him off, then hit a hell of a tope.

    Callihan drilled XL on the floor and argued with some kids at ringside. He even leaned in and dared one to punch him in the fae. He then told the kid “this one is for you” and tried to chop XL, who ducked and Callihan nailed the ringpost. XL was caught and nailed with a backdrop on the apron. Callihan demanded the referee count him out. XL returned in time but Callihan cut him off and tossed him back out. He drilled XL with a kick off the apron and demanded the kid he was arguing with get in the ring and fight him.

    XL rolled back in the ring at the last second and Callihan mocked him, then tossed him over the top again. XL’s foot hit the guardrail on the way out. Callihan returned to the floor and worked over XL. XL sent him into the railing. They both painfully returned to the ring before the ten count.

    Callihan charged but was kicked off by XL and nailed with a reverse elbow. XL went to the top. Callihan charged him but was kicked. XL nailed a springboard into a flying bodypress for a two count. XL missed a dropkicked into the corner. Callihan nailed a big powerbomb and covered him for a two, then turned him into the stretch muffler. XL reversed it into a pinfall combination for a two count.

    XL came off the ropes with a springboard tornado DDT and pinned Callihan.

    Winner: Brian XL

    XL thanked Jesus and asked Callihan, who returned to the back, to return. XL said that when he first Callihan, he knew he was going to be a star and make it. He said that he doesn’t want to waste everyone’s time, but wants everyone to know he’s going to be a Superstar. Callihan thanked him and then kicked XL in the groin and walked off.

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    MVP vs. Sami Callihan

    They went nose to nose. MVP nailed Callihan hard. He snapmared him over and drilled him in the back with a kick, then nailed with with a knee of the face. Callihan ducked a charge and drilled MVP with a kick, sending him to the floor. Callihan nailed a dive to the floor.

    On the floor, Callihan whipped MVP into the guardrail and drilled him with a kick. They brawled around on the floor. The battled all over and then back into the ring. The crowd chanted back and forth for each of them.

    Sami took control and tried to lock on an Indian Death Lock. He trapped MVP in the center of the ring. Callihan maintained control and nailed a superplex for a two count. He went back to the top for a flying slash but MVP rolled out of the way.

    MVP nailed a series of right hands. MVP nailed a big clothesline in the corner. He nailed an overhead throw suplex and a palm thrust. He went for a move but Callihan moved. MVP leapfrogged him and nailed a series of German suplexes.

    MVP dropped an elbow and scored a two count. He continued working on Callihan. Callihan came back with a sunset flip attempt off the top. MVP held on but was driven into the turnbuckles face-first. The crowd chanted back and forth for each.

    Callihan drilled him with a clothesline but MVP came back with a big boot to the face. He and Callihan went nose to nose and began chopping each other. Callihan drilled him with a clubbing shot to the back. He went for the Stretch Muffler and locked it on. MVP rolled him up for a two count.

    MVP nailed the Playmaker but Callihan kicked up at the last second. The crowd chanted for Sami. MVP made a comeback and nailed a leaping forearm into the corner for a two count. MVP finally scored the pin.

    Winner: MVP

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    Thanks to Lyle C Williams we’ve got photos of Sami from the last two CZW shows, Wrestlecon and Best of the Best XII. Head over to the gallery now to check them out.

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    Skip to 10:00 for Sami.

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    Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon vs Super Smash Brothers

    They go at it as soon as the SSB get in the ring, and a short but furious brawl breaks out before it settles down and the DUFs trap Player Uno on their side of the ring. Callihan slams Uno hard and then goes for a modified abdominal stretch, but Uno escapes and gets a neckbreaker for 2. Uno tries to charge Callihan in the corner, Callihan moves and hits a leaping enziguiri to the back of Uno’s head, then tags in Cannon to dish out some punishment of his own. Cannon and Uno trade forearms until Uno shows his agility with a leaping enziguiri, Cannon responds with one of his own, then they trade blows until they both tumble out to the floor. Dos and Callihan come in and briefly stare at each other before hitting dives through the ropes onto one another’s partners. They come back in and take turns laying each other out with clotheslines until Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver for 2. Cannon and Uno come back inside and trade more heavy shots, Callihan comes in and briefly gets caught in the SSB corner, but Cannon comes in and now all heck breaks loose as they throw spot after spot at each other. The DUFs hit a double team powerbomb on Uno for 2, then Callihan gets Uno in the stretch muffler as Cannon and Dos fight out on the floor. Dos takes care of Cannon and they go for the Fatality, but Callihan slips out, so Dos hits a top rope splash instead and gets the win.

    Winners: Super Smash Brothers